At Australia Care, we consider it an honour to serve our patients and take care of them with all our care and attendance. To give back to society and be of help to them in their difficult times is our first and foremost goal.

With the rooted vision of establishing a healthy and happy society both mentally and physically, our team of qualified and trained nurses and healthcare providers have come together to bring the smile of good health back to your face. Because when you smile, our purpose is fulfilled. Whether you’re looking for someone to understand complex medical situations or play fun games with and say kind words to, we’ve got your back!

Let us help shed light with the services we provide. Our range of services includes disability support services, NDIS services, disability home care services in Perth and many more.

Disability Support Services in Perth

To be able to live a fulfilled life is every human’s fundamental right. However, due to certain unfortunate circumstances, sometimes our body or mind fails to cooperate with us. These are difficult times and we know that you need love and care to nurture you.

Our disability support services in Perth come with an exceptionally trained team with people filled with love and compassion in their hearts to take care of our soldiers who are fighting their disabilities daily. Not only do we take complete care of our soldiers, but we also ensure that we help them live a life with their head high in society as they attempt to make a living through their hard work and dedication.

NDIS Services in Perth

We’re proud to let you know that we, at Australia Care, also help our special people find jobs, raise funds or any other assistance they look for to make a living for themselves. Not only do we help our fighters access better job opportunities, but we also ensure they are given an equal chance at finding better housing opportunities along with community opportunities.

Every team member is a qualified mentor who will lend you the hand you need throughout your journey of you building your life health goals. From financial literacy, time management, cooking skills to even guest management, we’re with you every step of the way!

Disability Home Care Services in Perth

Every individual is unique. But sometimes, that’s not the case. Disability can take place in an individual’s life at any point in time in life. For such brave hearts, we have the best nursing staff at Australia Care. We know and understand nothing feels more like home than our home itself.

So, we have our specially trained healthcare professionals who are always at your service, as your friend, as your health mentor. Whether you need help with basic daily chores such as bathing, dressing, eating, or you want someone to monitor your medical charts, pills etc., we’ve got you covered.

We strive to be the ‘All in One’ service provider that you need. Your friend, your guardian, your companion! We are what you want us to be! Because WE CARE FOR YOU!

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