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Over a Decade of Dedicated
Service & Counting!

We (Austcare)


Over a Decade of Dedicated
Service & Counting!

Welcome to Austcare Disability
Support Services in

Empowering You to Live Your Best Life

At Austcare, We’re not just a service provider—We’re your partner in navigating the challenges and celebrating the victories that come with disabilities. Our comprehensive range of disability support services is designed to empower you, whether you face physical or mental challenges. We believe in making every day a step towards independence and a fulfilled life.

Our Services

Expert Disability Support Tailored for You

As one of the leading disability agencies in Perth, Austcare is dedicated to offering exceptional care and tailored solutions. Our services include:

Personal Care

Tailored assistance with daily personal activities to maintain hygiene and wellness.

Meal Preparation

Thoughtfully prepared meals to suit dietary needs and promote health.

Dressing & Grooming

Support with dressing and grooming to help you look and feel your best.

Medical Appointments

Reliable transportation & accompaniment to ensure you never miss an appointment.

Transport and Social Support

Solutions to enhance your mobility and social interactions, enriching your lifestyle.

Companionship Services

Emotional support & companionship to reduce loneliness & build meaningful relationships.

Community Access

Opportunities to engage with community activities, fostering inclusion
and social participation.

In-Home Disability Care in Perth

Understanding the comfort and security that comes with being at home, our disability home care services in Perth focus on enabling you to live safely and comfortably in your own space. Our professional caregivers are passionate about making a positive difference in your daily life, helping you and your family manage any challenges that arise due to disabilities.

At Austcare, we see the potential in every individual and strive to minimize the impact of disabilities on your life. Our personalized support plans are crafted to boost your abilities, fostering the highest degree of independence possible.

We believe in the strength of the community. Austcare creates inclusive opportunities for community participation, from group activities to local outings, encouraging our clients to connect, contribute, and grow.

Our team is more than just trained professionals; they are advocates and friends who ensure you receive the utmost respect and comprehensive care you deserve.


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