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For people with either mental or physical handicaps, disability support services can often be the extra help they need to live fulfilled, improved lives. Never before have people with handicaps been more empowered and uplifted than they are today in Western society.

This is in contrast to times past where people with disabilities will frequently die early or feel disenfranchised and unable to live their lives. A combination of medicine, technology and philosophical philosophy has now contributed to the kind of excellent programmes we see today for disability assistance.

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    Disability Support Services for your Homes in Perth People with disabilities perform all sorts of occupations in today’s Western societies and are capable of making a living as a productive member of society. More and more employers ignore trivial aspects of the employability of a handicapped person and find ways to assign them tasks that they can work well in.

    Disability support service programmes in Perth are important in encouraging people with disabilities to develop skills and attitudes that help them in the workforce. Disability help recognises a handicap as overcoming something and aims to minimise the effects of the handicap on someone’s ability to lead a normal life.

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    Disability Support Services Gives you a Chance to Be Treated Equally

    For many people with disabilities, their dream is to be treated as normal as anyone else. Disability support systems provide these persons with an opportunity to become as independent as possible in order to be useful and self-sufficient.

    Our Services :

    • Group/Centre Activities
    • Participate Community
    • Assistive Prod-Household Task
    • Household Tasks
    • Innov Community Participation
    • Daily Tasks/Shared Living
    • Community Nursing Care
    • Assist-Travel/Transport
    • Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transition and supports
    • Assist Access/Maintain Employ

    The primary aim of all disability support service programmes in Perth should be to help people with disabilities gain the greatest degree of independence they can so that they can contribute to their own to society. Although some extreme deficiencies need to be realistically resolved, in almost all situations, there is room for improvement.



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