Ensure Better Care by Hiring an Enrolled Nurse in Perth

An Enrolled nurse in Perth is slightly different from a registered nurse. They are professionals who have completed a diploma in nursing instead of a degree and usually report to doctors or a registered nurse. The main role of an enrolled nurse is to look after a patient by helping them with their medicine schedule. Other than this, they also ensure routine and postoperative care. Moreover, enrolled nurses are also taught the basics such as how to take blood samples. However, before hiring an enrolled nurse, it’s important to know when you need one.

If you are a resident of Perth having a relative or friend who has just been operated, is injured or has a disease, you may want them to be under a professional’s supervision. This is especially true in cases where they live alone. Under all these circumstances, it is best to hire an enrolled nurse in Perth who has apt knowledge about the kind of care the patient needs, the precautions to take in case of a communicable disease and the medical routine prescribed by the doctor.

Why Hire AustCare’s Enrolled Nurse in Perth?

Austcare is one of the most reliable providers of hospitality services in Australia. It provides an enrolled nurse in Perth on a 24/7 basis for anyone who needs professional private nursing care services at home. Our enrolled nurses are experienced, skilled and provide a wide range of services. Some of these are:

  • Giving medicines to the patients as per the schedule
  • Providing personal medical care
  • Assisting in routine care such as nail trimming, foot care, oral cavity suctioning, and bowel supervision
  • Providing proper wound care
  • Taking Blood Samples
  • Helping with Post Operative Care
  • Training for family members for care

Due to these diverse responsibilities performed by our enrolled nurses, we are your go to for home patient care. Moreover, we also provide extended nursing services by staying in close contact with our client’s medical team and doctors.

Elevate care for your loved ones, give us a call today in order to hire our enrolled nurse in Perth.

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