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Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. – Anthony J.D’ Angelo

We all live in a community and taking care of it by each member is a must. We, at Australia care, believe in providing a helping hand to any of our community members when in need with our home nursing care services. A community service is a selfless service which we have learned from our nursing department as they always tend to help people whom they hardly know with the best of their efforts.

We have special departments of home health and community care services to cater to the ones in need in their crucial time.

Our Home Health Nursing Care Services include:

  • Understanding the patient’s need and problems
  • Creating a weekly and monthly to-do plan for the patient
  • Analysing the medical reports on regular basis
  • Preparing food chart as per the symptoms and prescription in the report
  • Providing the medication to the patient on time
  • Regular blood tests and submission to the doctors
  • Taking care of patient’s personal hygiene on daily basis to avoid harmful bacteria borne diseases
  • Helping patients to understand their situation better and accept it with a smiling face.

We also provide private nurses for home care in emergency situations with no elevated costs.

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