Nurses That Come to Your Home

‘The trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity taking a place beside the Physician and the Priest.’ – William Osler

Nurses that come to your home play an important role in the health treatment and recovery of the patient and this is the reason we at Australia Care believe in hiring the best from the lot. For us, professionalism in our staff members comes first when it is the matter of our patients. We regularly conduct training programmes and workshops for our nurses to help them upgrade with the newest of technologies and skills needed to treat a patient in a better way. Medicine is a profession where innovation comes on a daily basis and we make sure our nurses are aware of them and utilize them time to time. Our private nurses takes care of the following activities when hired for home nursing services:

  • Regular checkups and monitoring of the patient
  • Preparing a care chart daily, weekly and monthly for the patient
  • Take care of the personal hygiene of the patient like nail cutting, body sponging, hair care etc.
  • Timely wound tracking and dressing
  • Taking of regular blood samples for assessment of wound and tracking progress
  • Assisting the patient in personal work due to bad health
  • Training the patient and family members for care post the nursing contract

We assure our nurses that come to your home are well behaved and caring. The nurses are also trained in regular sanitization to avoid spreading of germs to the patient as well as family members.

To book our home nursing service for your patient, call 1300 540 495.

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